PMpublishing's Professional Options Package (ePOP) is server-based trading and risk management software for options traders. Designed by traders for on-screen trading (or use in the pits), ePOP's customized trading tools are essential to understanding options risk and reacting to rapidly changing conditions. ePOP's full range of capabilities, ease-of-use, and flexibility provides a solid foundation for successful trading.

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Risk Management

  • advanced derivatives
  • dynamic volatility models
  • custom skews
  • skew histories
  • position scenarios
  • robust risk limits
  • circuit breakers

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Autoquoting and Trading

  • bad trade prevention
  • auto widening, tightening, and size adjustments
  • pickoff prevention
  • opportunity finders
  • anticipatory algorithms
  • spread pricing
  • intelligent autohedge
  • mass market orders
  • contingent orders

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  • P/L analysis
  • model consulting
  • combinations
  • custom skews
  • API's

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Risk Management

advanced derivatives
Traditional greeks plus combo and skew risk derivatives.

dynamic volatility models
Model the market's movement better.

skew histories
View a graph of your skew parameters over time.

position scenarios
See your position over a range of underlying prices, into the future, or with different skews.

robust risk limits
Controlled by the clearinghouse, by your group's risk manager, and by the individual trader, set boundries for delta risk, upside/downside risk, and many more.

circuit breakers
Stop trading when the market destabilizes or when your risk reaches predetermined threshold.

Autoquoting and Trading

bad trade prevention
Only make trades with positive edge or other requirements that you set.

auto widening, tightening, and size adjustments
Change quotes based on the underlying market and other factors.

pickoff prevention
Avoid losing trades with trading version of a collision avoidance system.

opportunity finders
Identify trades that fit your specific risk objectives.

anticipatory algorithms
Make moves before the rest of the market with statistical pricing.

spread pricing
Price complex spreads and quote them based on their risk characteristics.

intelligent autohedge
Buy the bid or sell the offer using "work with a tick" functionality.

mass market orders
Autoquote two sides of options markets based on edge per stike or strategy.

contingent orders
Work the underlying before trading the options.


P/L analysis
What factors are driving your position P/L? Is your P/L performance in accordance with your model?

model consulting
Address problems in your model with incremental improvements or total rewrites.

Use our statistical methods to implement your ideas about the market.

custom skews
Implement your own skew model or customize one of ePOP's skew models.

Hook into ePOP with your own external software using a variety of methods depending on performance requirements.

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