PMpublishing began producing custom software for options traders in 1991. Since then, it has become the leading producer of options risk management systems for traders at the world's largest commodity exchanges. Currently, over 100 groups of floor brokers and pit traders depend on PMpublishing's support to manage their mission-critical systems.

From the beginning, what set us apart was:

  1. The ability to customize software to the individual user, and
  2. Top-notch support.
In developing and maintaining so many diverse systems, PMpublishing's expertise and tools are unsurpassed. And with the growth of the Internet, our real-time networking skills have become useful to an ever widening range of applications.

If you would like to discuss how PMpublishing can help you develop your own front office system, please contact us directly at:

Phone: (773) 338-4020
Postal Mail: PO Box 607202
Chicago, IL 60660-7202


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